Motorcycle Insurance FAQ

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Will traffic tickets I received when driving my car impact my motorcycle insurance premium?

Yes, all traffic tickets on your drivers licence are considered when determining your insurance premium. You have one drivers license, with all the classes of vehicles your are allowed to operate on it.

Can I cancel my insurance for the winter?

This depends on your particular policy. Most insurance companies consider that motorcycles will only be operated outside of the winter months and will price the policy with that taken into consideration. If your policy is priced for no operation during the winter months, you will not save any money for cancelling during the winter. As well, canceling during the winter may result in a gap in insurance.

I have a car as well as a motorcycle—do I need separate insurance for each vehicle?

Yes, each vehicle must have its own liability policy to be legally operated on the road. However, if you insure both vehicles with the same insurance company, you may be eligible for a multi-line discount, saving you money compared to insuring both vehicles with different companies.

I already deal with an insurance broker for my car insurance, can I have a different broker for my car insurance?

Yes, you can have a broker who handles your motorcycle insurance. In Fact, by choosing a broker that does a large amount of business for motorcycle riders, you may receive a better rate, as they may be more familiar with the current offerings from different companies.

Do I need insurance on my dirt bike if I ride off road?

Yes, you need to have your dirt bike insured, even if you only ride off road when you are riding on public property, including on off road trials, crown land, or any other property that is not owned by your personally.