How to Buy Your First Motorcycle

Dont just get the right insurance, get the right bike

Buy Your First Bike Knowing All of the Costs.

Get a Bike That Fits You and Your Budget

Buying your first motorcycle is an exciting experience. After spending years of your life dreaming of the open road, the time has finally come for you to ride. While it's an emotional experience, it is important to take a step back and think clearly for a moment to insure you have a bike that you can enjoy for many months or years.

One of the first steps you can take is to talk to your friends that ride, and get some recommendations on how different bikes will ride. Often, it's recommended to start with a bike that handles easily, and has enough power to keep you safe in traffic—but not so much that you have to worry about doing a wheelie if you accidently give it too much throttle.

After you have researched what type of motorcycle will best suit your riding needs, a great way to narrow down what bike will best suit you is to visit some dealers. Ask a salesperson if you can sit on some different bikes, to see how comfortable you find them. Different bikes will have different ergonomic layouts; some have a more forward leaning seating position, while others are more upright. As well, you'll want to see how easily you can place your feet on the ground— just as with riding a bicycle, you will want to be able to place your feet on the ground without stretching when you come to a stop.

Once you've decided which motorcycles are best suited to your riding style and your physical comfort, see which of the motorcycles are within your budget. An often neglected step is to consult with your insurance broker before you purchase a bike, so you can see what the insurance is going to cost. Some insurance companies emphasize the type of motorcycle, for example: sport bike vs. cruiser, while other insurance companies emphasize engine displacement, such as a 250 cc bike vs. a 1400 cc bike. As such, the same motorcycle may be priced differently at different insurance companies, so the most time efficient way to obtain multiple quotes is to speak with a broker who can take your driver information once, and quote multiple bikes for you. Once you have decided which bike fits your body, your riding style, and your budget, it is time to ride.