Motorcycle Insurance Agent vs. Motorcycle Insurance Broker

Understand the Difference

What a Broker Can Do For You That an Agent Can't

When shopping For Motorcycle Insurance, How You Buy Can Save you Both Time and Money

There are two main ways of purchasing insurance from regulated insurance professionals. You may purchase motorcycle insurance from an insurance broker or an insurance agent.

The shopping experience is very different between a broker and an agent. An agent works directly for an insurance company and only that company, whereas a broker will work with multiple insurance companies, and will shop the market to provide you the best rate.

Insurance Through an Agent

As a customer, if you purchase insurance through agents and wish to have five quotes, you must contact each agent, and provide each of those five agents your driving history, insurance coverage history, claims history, and type of vehicle each time, as well as evaluate the different prices and coverages to determine which is best for your situation.

Insurance Through a Broker

When purchasing insurance through a broker, you simply provide your information once, and the broker will do the shopping for you. You'll normally be informed of any possible multi line discounts or rider training course discounts, and provide you the best coverage and rate out of all of the insurance companies they shop.

If you'd like to save time and money on your motorcycle insurance, read our four main ways you may to save on your insurance, or request a free insurance quote from a broker today.