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Motorcycle Insurance Basics

Be informed. Get to know the basics of motorcycle insurance, either by visiting our knowledge centre, or by speaking with one of our brokers. Our specialized brokers will look at your driving history, and provide you with the motorcycle insurance you need.

Motorcycle insurance FAQs

Motorcycle Insurance FAQ

Motorcycle insurance made simple. Find out the answers to common questions, such as how to lower your rates; what types of coverage you are legally required to have; and how your riding experience can impact your rates.

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Call us or get a quote online to get in contact with an expert insurance broker. Your personal profile is unique, and a specialized broker will find you the best rates and information so you can make an educated decision, and ride in peace.

Finding the best motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance is both necessary and complicated. Contacting a broker can save you both time and money when searching for the best motorcycle insurance. A broker will take your information and shop the market to find you the best rate of all the companies they request quotes from, saving you the time and effort required to do the shopping. As well a broker will advise you on the types of insurance you need for your particular situation, so you know you have coverage.

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We are a specialized website for connecting people with specialized motorcycle insurance brokers. We only refer people to brokers who can provide motorcycle insurance and answer your general questions. When you speak with a broker, the shopping is done for you so you can spend your time carving corners instead of surfing the web.