Fall 2015 News Update for Ontario Riders

Good News for Northern Ontario Riders
Ontario's Northern Highways Program
Making roads more enjoyable and safer If you live in North Eastern Ontario, or are planning a cross Canada trip along the Trans-Canada Highway, there's good news for those of us wishing for better roads. The Government of Ontario announced earlier this month that they are investing more than $69 million into road work in Northern Ontario. These improvements are part of the Government of Ontario’s Northern Highways program, to improve the infrastructure in the north. Part of this project will [...]
Winter Motorcycle Insurance
A common misconception about motorcycle insurance is that you can cancel your policy when winter comes, and start again in the spring. In Ontario, most insurance policies are for a set duration of 12 months. While most insurance policies are for the full year, many insurance companies have payment policies that will allow you to make your payments on a monthly basis instead of a one time payment before your policy starts. If you are wanting to cancel your insurance before the end of your policy, you should speak with your insurance company or your broker to find out if it is possible to cancel [...]
Fall Motorcycle Riding
As summer winds to a close, there will still be many days of good riding weather, and lots of beautiful countryside to explore with the fall colours. However as the weather starts to grow colder there are some hazards for riders to look out for. As the temperature falls, it is extra important to watch out for fallen leaves covering the road, and especially when riding near dusk or at night to watch out for deer. You can help protect yourself from these hazards by slowing down and ensuring that you have good visibility. Not only can your traction be reduced from coming in contact from road haza [...]
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